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Shropshire Shufflers

An Inclusive Running Club
Membership Application (including EA)
Physical Activity Readinss Questionaire
Sex at Birth

Please provide your In Case of Emergency (ICE) Contact Name*

Please provide your ICE Contact Number - ideally a mobile number*

We would like to send you "The Shufflette" our regular e-newsletter (approximately monthly) - giving Shropshire Shuffler news, including details about training nights, alternative runs and other club activities.

I would like to receive these emails

Club Championships - In order to take part in this fun intraclub competition we require your permission to share the run time data that you supply or that we can access from publicly available websites (e.g. parkrun results).   

I would like to take part in the Club Championships
Terms and Conditions

By completing this form and joining Shropshire Shufflers you are agreeing to the following:

1.  You have read and agree to abide by the Shropshire Shufflers Code of Conduct.

2.  You will not hold any Club Coach or the Club liable for any loss, injury, illness or damage that may occur from your membership and you declare that you are an amateur as defined by UK Atletics rules.

3.  The personal data you submit can be used by the Shropshire Shufflers for legitimate interests to administer your club membership, club competitions, communicate club notifications or be used by the Shropshire Shufflers for any other club legimate interests deemed appropriate by the Shropshire Shufflers Club Committee.

4.  To share your basic details (name, address, email and DOB) with EA (England Athletics) for the purposes of processing your EA licence. Please contact if you have any questions about the continuing privacy of your personal data when shared with EA.

5.  Not to wear any headphones during any club arranged training activities.

6.  To always wear either light coloured or reflective clothing during winter months (to be safe and be seen).

If you have ticked any of these options then please speak with you Doctor before participating in any new physical activity. This list of questions is not exhaustive and if you are in any doubt please speak to your Doctor first.
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