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Covid 19 Update

02 Dec 2020

Restricted Training Resumed

Road Running (restricted numbers)

Monday @ 7pm
(20 places)

Wednesday @ 7pm
(20 places)

Thursday @ 9:30am
(20 places)

Friday @ 9:30am
(20 places)

Track Training (restricted numbers)

Thursday @ 19:00
(30 places)


Virtual Group Photo

To submit your photo for the next club virtual group photo please use the below link to email it to the Club Membership Secretary by end of Nov 2020
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Attingham Park Relays

Due to COVID-19 Attingham Park Relays is now a
Virtual Event
that can be run from 15 Jun to 30 Sep 2020


Club Twitter
The Club now have a Club Twitter feed which is aimed at quickly updating membership on any last-minute changes to club training, club events or a short notification of current Club Communications.  Follow on Twitter: @ShropshireShuf2 to keep yourself quickly updated on Club matters.

Monday's Training meet at the Summer Meeting Point:

North side of the Quarry Bandstand

Join Us On Facebook

Join Us on Facebook

Club Training / Events

We are happy for prospective members to try us out for free up to 3 club training sessions, after that they either need to pay their joining subscription fees to join the Club in order to continue training with us or stop attending if we are not a fit for them. 

As of 02 Dec 2020 and dependent then on any other COVID restrictions.

The Club has produced the below routes used for when COVID restrictions allow club training to resume.  Membership are welcome to use these routes while abiding to current COVID exercising restrictions.

Old Potts Way (OPW) Road Running Routes.  All routes start from Old Potts Way - adjacent the Old Jaguar Salesroom/Cinewolrd Entrance. Route meeting points vary on different sides of the Old Potts Way road according to the direction they set off on which is broken down in the table below. 

      OPW Running Group Maps       A Route Meet Point      B Route Meet Point

     OJSR & Map Link

    Evening Alternate Jog Route:
    Cineworld & Map Link 

    OJSR & Map Link

   Evening Alternate Jog Route:
   OJSR & Map Link


     Cineworld & Map Link     OJSR & Map Link

     High Ability/Intermediates

     Cineworld & Map Link     OJSR & Map Link

OJSR=Old Jaguar Showroom Side of Old Potts Way Road
Cineworld = Cineworld Side of Old Potts Way Road

 Porthill Roundabout (PHR)  Road Running Routes. All routes start from the Porthill Roundabout.  Route meeting points vary on different sides of the roundabout according to the direction each route sets off. Membership are welcome to use these routes but are asked to stay off these them when our limited training Evening and day training sessions are on.

PHR Routes meeting points are being adjusted and will be published here once agreed.

      PHR Running Group Maps       A Route       B Route 
      Jog    Map Link         Map Link
      Improvers     Map Link        Map Link
     High Ability/Intermediates      Map Link        Map Link


Monday's Club Training gather at the Summer Meeting Point:

North side of the Quarry Bandstand.


Club Training    Details about our (pre COVID-19) Club Training Nights is found at this Link


Attingham Relays     Attingham Relays is a 2 mile relay involving teams of 3 normally held each year in May - the details are found at this link


Club Beginners 10K Route Map       The Club Beginner 10K Route Map


Club Year Planner    The Club Year Planner lists all the Club Yearly Activities with added information provided as Footnotes and popular local races that might be of interest to Club Membership - Click this likn to access it.


The Virtual Club Championships(VCC) is a temporary replacement for the normal Club Championships while COVID restrictions apply.  All VCC submissions are honesty based for 2m, 5K, 10K, 13.1m and 26.2m run or walks over any terrain or incline (treadmills also count!) since 01 Apr 2020 will count.  Use the MS Forms link below If you need to correct a VCC error or need to provide a new or better category VCC time.

      CC Button



The Club Championships are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions on racing events

If you need to correct a time error or need to provide a new or better category time then please click the below button

      CC Button

Club Championships Expained    If you need any explaining about how the Club Championships works then please click this Link to take you to the Club website where it is all explained with a simple Q&A


Club Championships Race Planner   The Club Championships Race Planner lists the more popular and local races available throughput the year for 5K, 10K, HM amd FH with links provided to race websites.  The planner will be updated monthly to reecord race dates for those events listed that are still not confirmed when they will take place - Click this likn to access it.


Club XC    Details of our upcoming 2019-2020 North Wales Cross Country League can be found at this link.


Club Beginners Group of 2021:

The next Club Beginners Group of 2021 will approx start from the end of Apr or start of May 2021 (exact date will be confirmed later in the new year).
It will run weekly, teaching new runners how to warm up and run correctly and avoid injury, different running drills and exercises, ending with proper cool downs.
The group will increase its distance on a very gradual basis, through 5k until the group, alongside many other club runners, will complete a measured 10k sometime in August.
The group will be an integral part of our Monday night training session during the summer, and will be delivered by experienced coaches and run leaders.
Its open to complete novices and all we ask is that people wear suitable sports clothing and footwear and bring some water with them.
The final thing we ask is that people all enjoy themselves!