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Saturday 2 July 2016 - a fantastic run on the coastal paths of north Anglesey.

The Plan is to do a section around the north coast of Anglesey finishing just east of Holyhead at Porth Tywyn-mawr. I have arranged to park the coach on the large caravan park there, less than 100yards from a superb beach. Bring your swimming things and beach games in case you have any energy left. There are toilets on site and a shop selling all the usual convenience things.

Start points for the run are available at

Wylfa Power Station 12 miles

Cemaes 15miles

Bull Bay 19miles

Amlwch 22miles

At Cemaes and Amlwch the drop off will be on the A5025 and you will have to jog down through the village to pick up the coastal path. There is another possible drop off for a 30 miler but this should only be considered if you are very fast and confident. Choose your distance carefully because, due to the remoteness of the path, there is no easy opt out once past Wylfa. The route appears well marked so there shouldn't be much problem following the path, but a copy of the OS Map could be useful. You can obtain descriptions of the route from only trouble is they are for going in the opposite direction so you will be able to look back to see if  you came the right way, not Much Use.   Just Keep Sea on RIGHT!
Please come prepared to use or carry protection against whatever the weather may throw at us, whether it is hot, cold, wet, dry or draughty. There are facilities in Amlwch, Bull Bay, Cemaes, Wylfa Visitor Centre, and there is a nice cafe at Church Bay about 2 miles before the finish. But carry some food and drink with you just in case.
At the end   there will be tea, coffee, a chilli meal and a pud. (If it is too hot for chilli just go in the sea for a dip and then come back) If you require cold drinks after the run please bring your own or better still use the camp shop. Please indicate if you are veggie.
Coach will leave Shrewsbury at 7:00am, we will stop briefly for the loo at Bangor and hope to get running by10:30.   The food will be available from 3:00pm onwards so aim to be at finish no later than 4:00pm so that we may leave by 5:30pm.
Cancellations. Before bus is full- I will rip up your cheque. After bus is full I will try to sell any places cancelled and will make refund in proportion to replacements I sell. (eg. Four places cancelled/ Three replacements sold- refund of 75%)
If you get a replacement yourself then that is fine, just let me know. 
Coach will leave Abbey Carpark at 7:00am prompt. There will be a second pick up in the lay by on the Welshpool Road opposite the Co-op at 7:05am but please note there is no official car parking in this area. There will also be a pick up at the Golf Club entrance at Queen's Head at 7:20am. PLEASE NOTE at the 2nd and 3rd pick up it will be jump on and go. There will be no access to the luggage hold. As I will not know who is getting on where there will be no head count, if you are not there -sorry! We will then drive to the service area by Bangor for a short comfort stop before continuing on to Anglesey to your drop off point to start your run. The 22miler first. Again PLEASE NOTE when you get off you should be READY, to run there will be no access to the hold. The coach will then travel on to Sandy Beach Caravan Park and await your arrival. Finally once you are on the run you are left to your own devices and in the unlikely event of an accident you should use the normal emergency services and keep me informed if you are going to be late.

My Mobile is 07895 415204.

As usual let's hope for some good weather