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We try to make the Cub Championships fair to all by age adjusting everyone's times for various races, and allowed the best four results out of seven categories to score points towards the final figures. We have had to modify the system because of the demise of the time trial and the fact that Mad Jacks is too late this year so we have decided to make a radical change to how the club champions are determined. Firstly, because of the change in how EA control Race Licences, the championship is open to all members whether or not they have a race licence. Secondly, we are making it the best three results out of five categories. Thirdly, I am not calculating everyone's age adjusted time for each race they do, the age adjustment will be made to your fastest time in the season in each category. The categories will be 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon and the Little Stretton to Stiperstones Time Trial. I think this gives everyone a chance whether they are 5k sprinters, endurance marathoners or fell specialists. I hope this makes sense !