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Following the UK Government’s announcement on Monday 4 January of a new national lockdown, regrettably our guidance for athletics and running must reflect these enforced Covid-19 restrictions across England.

This means that the club’s formal running sessions are now:


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Want to Join Us but are Unsure?

Normally, we are happy for prospective members to try us out!

You can normally join up to three sessions for free, after that you would need to pay to become a Club Member. Due to current restrictions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot offer this to prospective members. We would ask that you refer to current guidelines for safe running and exercise, which can be found on the England Athletics website. When we are back to safe, non-restrictive training nights, you will be able to try us out! Just look up what training we supply under the Training/Events Header and turn up (no booking or pre-notice required) - just remember to let the Run Leader know (at the start of the session when introductions are made) that you are new and just trying out the Training Session and Club before deciding to join or not.

Who can join?

Anyone over 18 years old can join the Shropshire Shufflers.

16 and 17 year olds, can join the Shropshire Shufflers under a Family Group. They must be accompanied by a responsible adult, to take part in any adult training sessions.

How much does it cost to join?

  Yearly Subscription Initial Joining Admin Fee
Individual £20 £15
Family £35 £30
(all family members must reside together)    

The joining/re-joining admin fees are used to purchase England Athletics Race Licence(s) and for further details click here
or details of the Membership Subscription dates and terms please click here

How to Join the club

Simply click the Individual or Family joining buttons below, to see payment details/instructions (this will securely submit your details for the Club Database, which are required to manage you club membership).                                                                          

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     EA Button    ADD Fmily Member Button 

     Merge Button   Change Details Button   Remove Fmily Member Button  

     Convert Indv Button   Resign Button   Split Fam Button    

To update any club profile details (change a club membership type or activate a new/lapsed EA licence), then please click the relevant button below.
To merge two Individual memberships into a Family Group, use the 'Request to Merge Memberships' (no cost)
To add a family member to an Individual membership, use the 'Convert Individual Membership to Family Group Membership' (small subscription fee).

The Club Membership Subscription Year

-  The Club Year starts on the 01 April and renewal of the annual club membership subscription shall also fall due on that date.
-  Club Membership Subscriptions must be paid no later than 30 April each year.
-  Any Club Members who have not paid their Club Subscriptions by 30th April, will be deemed to have lapsed and have their Club Membership rescinded. They may re-join after this date but as a new Member, which will incur a re-joining admin fee.

Joining/Re-joining fee

The joining/re-joining admin fees are used to purchase England Athletics Race Licence(s) and for further details click here) for the licence season which begins in the membership year, which is usually the first of April each year. In the case of family membership, two licences will be purchased, one for the Family Lead member and one for another member of the family group nominated by the Lead member. The club can only purchase licences for members whose First Claim club is Shropshire Shufflers.

If you experience any joining issues, please contact the Club Membership Secretary, at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (we will get back to you normally within 72hrs).